Studio Preta cannot claim it is 100% sustainable however, the goal is to constantly work on ways to implement sustainable practices.



Studio Preta's pieces are handmade to order, meaning only what is ordered is produced and items featured in the Available Now section are one-offs from upcycled garments or items made from very limited quantity fabric available. The goal is to minimise waste and overproduction as much as possible. 



Every piece is handmade to order featuring carefully sourced textiles. This includes ex-designer and deadstock fabrics; upcycled materials from pieces no longer in use, and most recently certified fabrics by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)  – this means that the entire supply chain is thoroughly verified and most importantly that there's no child labor, safe working conditions and no discrimination policies are implemented and respected.



Every order sent is packed with recycled materials - this includes the envelopes, tissue paper and even the stickers - these are fully recyclable once no longer in use. 
Studio Preta's 'Thank You' cards are printed in seed paper that after can be planted to grow flowers.



Studio Preta is looking into expanding its sizing and truly build an inclusive brand, however in the meantime if you cannot see your size, Studio Preta would be more than happy to offer a made-to-measure service at no extra cost.